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Line & Lure Testimonials


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I have to admit that I was a skeptic at first when it came to testing Kevin Van Damís Line and Lure Conditioner. I had previously purchased Blakemoreís Real Magic several years ago, and simply quit using it because I was not seeing the results that I expected. KVDís Line and Lure, however, proved to be not just another line spray. I used Line and Lure on several rods of three categories: spinning gear with light line (6-10 lb test), baitcasting gear with heavy line (15-20 lb test), and super-braid line (50 lb Power Pro). In addition, Line and Lure was applied to reels spooled with existing line, and while spooling new line on previously unfilled reels. The results in both cases proved beneficial, and it did not appear to matter whether Line and Lure was applied before or after spooling. I noticed a measurable decrease in line twisting on spinning reels, and reduced coiling with heavy monofilament lines. The improved line performance translated into an overall increase in casting distance. Applying Line and Lure to braided line, however, did not yield the same results as monofilament. I had hoped to see an increase in casting distance, but did not. Perhaps the no-memory / flexible characteristic of braid means that very little casting distance is lost to coiling or twisting. Will I use KVDís Line and Lure Conditioner in the future? Yes.


Deerfield, WI


I was given the opportunity to try out KVDís Line Conditioner just recently. I want to start by saying that I was skeptical of what the results would be like, even with what I have heard about it. I tried the product out on a couple of my bait casting reels, two that were spooled up with 17 pound Berkley Sensation and one that I spooled with P Lineís Flouroclear in the 15 pound variety. For the two that had the Berkley , I just put a heavy application on the prespooled line and let it soak in over night. For the P Line, I sprayed KVDís Conditioner on a rag and spooled the line through it and applied a light dose on after the spooling. All I want to say is that this stuff is amazing. I am now a firm believer and will be using this on all of my line from here on out. It reduced my line memory tremendously and I actually had fewer backlashes while casting. All in all, I found KVDís Line and Lure Conditioner to de an awesome product and highly recommend it to others.


Glenn Ellyn, IL


In late June, the end of my 2006 tournament season, I had not put up the numbers I had hoped for. I started using a new fluorocarbon line and it was suggested that I try KVDís Line and Lure Conditioner. I was amazed to say the least. By the time the first tournament of the new season came around in October, I knew that I had an advantage over most of the field. Lets just say that fishing in 26 degrees, with no ice on the line or guides, long cast and a paycheck makes for a great day on the water. This year, I currently lead my division in points for angler of the year and KVDís Line & Lure has been with me every step (cast) of the way. For all kinds of line, Line & Lure is simply the best. It gives me the advantage that keeps me on top. Thank you everyone at Line and Lure for a tremendous product.


Mulvane, KS


When I read the user instructions for KVD's Line and Lure Conditioner I thought to myself, "how can one product have so many uses?" After using it ice fishing on some of this winter's coldest day, I have to say that it does have about 100 uses and it works well for all of them. The obvious use of it is to condition fishing line. I used it on florocarbon, monfilament, and super line. It softened all of them and made them much more flexible in the frigid temps of northern MN. I like to fish out on the ice, even in the coldest temps and the number one thing that slows me down is my line freezing to my eyelets. After properly conditioning the line and the guides and allowing it time to soak in and dry, the conditioner worked better than any other product I have used to prevent freezing. I actually had to go back into my shelter to warm my hands up, instead of having to go back in to unfreeze my eyelets. On top of that, I was fishing in a big, comfy permanent fish house with a couple of buddies. My friend put in boat seats with pedestals to sit on. They worked great, but after a few hours of fishing, a little squeek became very annoying. No WD-40 or any other lubricant in the house. Then I thought of the KVD Line and Lure conditioner. A couple little drops and we had silence. What a great product! It is like a liquid multi-tool for an angler. I have one bottle in my ice fishing bag, one bottle in my workshop, and another bottle in my boat.


Sauk Centre, MN


I just want to say what a great product the KVD line and lure conditioner is. I have been using and recomending this product to everyone. I first recieved a small bottle at a local ABA tournament this year, once I ran out, I had to have more and bought some. I fished the ABA Nationals and it came through once again especially on the last day with the wind and trying to make longer casts with a lite topwater bait, which helped my 16th place finish, and earning the Air Force "Angler of the Year" title. Everyone who knows me, knows I don't endorse or recommend many products, but this one is a sure winner.




I started using your Line and Lure this past season and was very impressed with the results from the sample. I immediately purchased a supply and continue to be imressed with the increased performance and castablity it promotes. I shared it with my Brother in-law from Minnesota and he immediately purchased his own supply. He doesn't fish tournaments, therefore he doesn't change his lines that often. I saw him treat a baitcaster that had the same line on it that I had spooled the summer before. It went from looking like a spring to limp and castable.



I applied the line and lure conditioner to 2 of my casting reels, and it made a HUGE difference! My pinnacle tara casted well to start with, but with this stuff, I got 20 - 30% more distance with trilene 17lb mono. On my Garcia eon the results were amazing, the reel casts 14 lb mono a LONG ways compared to without the line conditioner. I'd say I got a 30% better cast with it. I will be ordering more soon. This product does what it says it will do, and then some. I highly recommend it to anyone who fishes!




Line and Lure Conditioner is a great product! I am a fishing guide and I don't leave home without it! Definitely adds distance to my and my clients' casts. Also, works great for shining old spinnerbait blades. This product is a real winner!

Jonn Graham
Owner/operator - Camp Smallmouth guide services


Minonk, IL


I own and operate a premier charter fishing service in South Florida. I've been using Line & Lure Conditioner since I got a sample in July of 2005. I use it regularly on just about everything including my monofilament's, fluorocarbons and braided lines, I also use it on my fishing rods and reels, as a UV and corrosion protector. I even use it to clean and protect everyone's sunglasses while we're out fishing, I find it reduces glare which improves our sight fishing efforts in the bright sun and it makes the water bead off in the wind leaving our glasses squeaky clean. On my lines it has improved casting distance and line durability. I also use Bow To Stern Marine Protectant on my skiff, it protects the boat's surfaces from sun damage, salt corrosion and the staining that is so common on fishing boats. These are great products, I highly recommend both.

Captain Pier Milito



Line and Lure is a great product. I put this on my line and it really helped with casting distance. My backlashes were eliminated which gave me more fishing time. A great product that any fisherman should have.


Florence, AL

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