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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Kevin VanDam really use Line & Lure Conditioner?


A: Yes, Kevin uses Line & Lure Conditioner every time he fishes, as do many other pro fishermen. Kevin was involved in every step of Line & Lure's development. Line & Lure meets or exceeds the performance requirements that Kevin demands for tournament fishing.


Q: How is Line & Lure different from other line treatments?


A: Line & Lure was developed strictly as a fishing line conditioner. Line & Lure is a special polymer blend that becomes part of the fishing line it is applied to. Other line treatments you find on the market are primarily silicone oil and solvents. Silicone oil only temporarily coats the line and solvents can damage line. Silicone oil rapidly comes off the line (on your hands and in the water), requiring re-treatment of the line after just a few casts.


Q: How does Line & Lure work if it is not oily?


A: The special polymers in Line & Lure are hydrophobic (water repelling) and very slippery. Line & Lure doesn't allow water to draw back on to the reel spool, which eliminates the line drag that a "wet" spool has. Line & Lure also protects the line from wearing out as quickly as un-treated line because it resists the abrasion that wears line out.


Q: How long will Line & Lure work on my line before I have to put it on again?


A: Kevin "refreshes" his line a couple of times a day to keep it in top condition. To keep your line in top condition we suggest that you spray down your line at the end of your fishing day. This will assure your line will be ready to go for your next fishing day and protect it during storage.


Q: Will Line & Lure work on my braided line?


A: Yes. Line & Lure is the only line conditioner available that excels on all types and weights of fishing line, regardless of the manufacturer.


Q: I fish in saltwater. Will Line & Lure work for saltwater fishing?


A: Line & Lure provides the same benefits in saltwater as fresh, but we suggest that you use Line & Lure Saltwater Formula which has been specifically designed for the harsh environment that is found while saltwater fishing. Remember, Line & Lure reduces the amount of water that clings to the line as you reel the line in. Less water means less salt is getting back to the reel. Dried salt crystals on your reel will increase line casting resistance and accelerate damage to your line and equipment.


Q: I have had problems with other treatments like Reel Magic gumming up the workings of my reels. Will Line & Lure do the same thing?


A: No. Line & Lure contains no oils or solvents as in Reel Magic that can build up and collect dirt like silicone/oil treatments will. It's the dirt held by the oils that gums up your equipment.


Q: Can I use Line & Lure on line that's already spooled on my reels, or just on new line?


A: Both. Just a couple of pumps of the spray bottle is all it takes to treat most spools of line. Of course using Line & Lure when the line is new will protect the line when it's at its "peak of performance" and help keep it that way.


Q: My fishing line gets a memory, which makes the line coil instead of laying flat. These coils make it harder to cast and create a lot of bird's nest and knots as I cast the line. Will Line & Lure help with this?


A: Definitely yes. The conditioners in Line & Lure help keep new line from acquiring memory and makes older line lose memory. It's a similar effect as using conditioner for your hair.


Q: I don't like PayPal or using my credit card online. What stores are carrying Line & Lure?


A: Every day more retailers are carrying Line & Lure. If it is not available in your area, please tell your tackle retailer or bait shop to start carrying Line & Lure for you. You can always call us toll free at 1-877-221-9797 to place your Line & Lure order. You can also click here to find a dealer in your area.


Q: Line & Lure seems to be more expensive than other line products, how come?


A: Silicone oil is much less expensive than the polymers used to make Line & Lure which does affect it's final cost, but in reality you can expect to get 100 or more typical applications from a bottle of Line & Lure. In the equivalent size of other line products you can expect to get about 1/2 as many applications. This makes Line & Lure a much better value overall. The extra life you'll get out of your fishing line by using Line & Lure will also save you lots of money.


Q: Can I buy Line & Lure in a bigger size?


A: We are planning on offering a larger size of Line & Lure in the near future, which will be less expensive per ounce of product. This size will be perfect for sport fishing and charter boats.



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