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Line & Lure Conditioner


Due to the demand by top saltwater professional anglers we are pleased to introduce:


Line & Lure Saltwater Formula


Over the last year, the saltwater angling world found out how well Line & Lure Conditioner worked in their environment. Line & Lure received great praise from many top inshore and offshore pros about how the conditioner helped them manage their line better and therefore helped them catch more fish, more consistently.


We were asked repeatedly to offer a formula that specifically addressed the severe conditions encountered in the saltwater environment. With the help of many of these pros the lab at Line & Lure went to work to develop a formula specifically designed to address the needs of the saltwater angler.


The result of this effort is Line & Lure Saltwater Formula. Our saltwater formula offers all the same performance benefits as freshwater Line & Lure but with the added punch of much higher levels of anti- corrosive protection as well as higher UV sun block.


Rods, reels, and tackle are all protected with an invisible finish that repels salt contamination, corrosion and sun damage. Clean up is as easy; a mild freshwater spray down and you're done. No more soaking or expensive chemical rinses.


No matter what line you use: mono, fluorocarbon or braid. You will cast farther with less effort and your line will last much longer. You will suffer fewer wind knots, backlashes and tangles. All this allowing you to present you lures to your target more consistently more often. Now, isn't that what it's all about in the first place?


Once you try Line & Lure Saltwater Formula we guarantee you'll love how it improves your fishing experience!

Roland Martin, IFGA and BASS record holder.


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