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Line & Lure Testimonials


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I have been using the Line and Lure conditioner for over a year now and find it to be the best product of its type on the market Hands down! I've had amazing results with this product on flurocarbon, mono, and even braided lines. If you ask me, Line and Lure is essential for every competitive angler. Just look who's name is on the label! I know I won't leave the house without it.


Charlotte, NC


I have used Line and Lure since 2006, and since I started using it I have not fished a tournament without it. Line and Lure has given me confidence in my line to stay strong and smooth. It makes my casting effortless and casting 8-hour long tournament days, I am much more comfortable.


Pewaukee, WI


Hey wanted to let you know that I have been really impressed with the Line and Lure Conditioner. I've used that Blakemore Brand for the past ten years and never noticed the scent or oily residue left because I never had anything to compare it to until now. I plan on featuring it during a product spotlight or gear tip on my TV show soon. Once it's done I will try and send a copy up that way soon. Thanks a bunch, Jason Pittman




I started using line&lure shortly after it came out on the market. This conditioner is like no other product I have ever used on my line and I've used them all. Quite simply stated, IT PUTS MY LINE INTO WARP SPEED!!! It nice to see a product that does what it says it will do on the bottle label. I have had many friends that have tried it. They all say the same thing, it makes big difference on their line's performance. It works on all types of line. Try Line & Lure, you will be glad you did. You will spend more time fishing, and less time untwisting line and picking out backlashes...You will cast farther, your line will stay cleaner and last longer. I Spray it on my rod and reel to protect it from the elements, especially the sun. I like the testimonials that mention the other uses for Line&Lure. I am sure glad that its become available at so many different outdoor retailers. Thank you very much for such a great product. Good fishing...


Portage, IN


Kevin VanDamís line conditioner is awesome and it doesnít compromise the line, but it does relax the line allowing for longer casts and longer usage.Ē

Chad Morgenthaler Bass Elite Angler

Coulterville, IL


I have used this product for 2 seasons and I must say that this product is better than any other line conditioner that is out there. You apply it before using your reels and give it a few minutes to soak in. Once you do, the line casts very smoothly with no problems. Unless you backlash to the point where you have to respool you don't have to respool at all during the year due to this product. I hightly recommend it to anyone, especially those people who don't get out as often as I do.




This stuff is whole new world for any fishing line you use. Trust me, you will think how did I survive so long without it. I LOVE IT, it really does what they say and then some. It makes my 15 and 20 lb big game feel like something under 10 lbs. It is well worth the price BIG TIME




I fish the FLW Redfish Series and I just have to say that Line and Lure is by far the best line conditioner out there. I use both braid and mono and it works wonders on both. I use the saltwater formula on my line, rod, reel, lures, hooks, tackle, etc... It works great as an anti-corrosion agent. I also sprayed it on my electronics and sunglasses for the first time in a tournament in Punta Gorda, FL and it really does work well to prevent water spots. I am not only impressed, but very enthused about this product. I know that once any angler tries Line and Lure they will be impressed too.


Due West, SC


I couldn't wait to get my hands on this stuff. I had never heard one single person say anything negative about this product. I'm talking hundreds all raving. I was expecting a lot from it, and my expectations were not near high enough. Unbelievable product.


Weatherford, TX


Line and Lure definitely helped me while competing the Bassmaster Classic. I think in with the low temps and fluorocarbon line, Line and Lure kept my Seaguar InvisX line much more supple and easier to cast. Iím sold and wonít go out on the water without it.

Kevin Short BASS Elite Compeditor

Mayflower, AR

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