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Line & Lure Testimonials


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Line and Lure speaks for itself through use. Every time I have someone in my boat fishing, I get them to try it and the reaction I get is great. I love nothing more a person who is frustrated on a windy day. A little Line and Lure on flourocarbon or braid and wind knots and backlashes are forgotten. My girlfriend was having a tough time with backlashes and I sprayed Line and Lure on her line....ten minutes later she asked what it was that I sprayed on it, she was task, get her to catch a 5 pounder, but at least now she can cast at will!!


New Orleans, LA


I\'ve tried your Line & Lure treatment and you can count me as a customer from now on. I must admit I was skeptical at first, but I could not believe the immediate difference it made. Casting distance improvement was huge and it reduced back lash to almost none and the ones I had were very small. It worked just as well on my spinning reels too.


Shreveport, LA


I am using your product along with another member of my club. Boy does it help with the memory on fluorocarbon. Thank you, for your time and explanation. I now \"wet\" a rag with KVD conditioner and wrap it around the line when I am spooling a new reel. This seems to really work well. Keep up the good work. BTW, BassPro has your product for $1 more than Reel Magic. I truly believe you get what you pay fore, and I gladly pay the extra $1. I am just afraid that many people don\'t understand the difference. Thanks again.


Buford, GA


This stuff is the real deal!!! I have used other line conditioners but never really saw any benefits until I tried Line & Lure. This stuff will have you casting farther with less line memory. Hey, its so good its Guaranteed!!!! Try it you'll love it too!!!!!!!


La Grange, TX


Line&Lure is such a great product! There is a visible difference in fluorocarbon line management! The line coils less and is much more limber, thus allowing for further casts. Awesome product, highly recommend the use of it for a better day on the water!


Maple, ON


I live near and fish on the Coosa River in central Alabama. I commonly use spinning tackle and Vicious Fluorocarbon for the famed spotted bass of the region. KVD Line and Lure Conditioner allows the line to remain supple during a full day of fishing and in between trips. I treat both the bulk spool and the line on the reel. Time is money in tournament fishing and KVD Line and Lure Conditioner saves me time by not having to deal with twists commonly associated with spinning reels allowing me make the most of my day. Tight lines! Steve-O


Deatsville, AL


I use the Line and Lure on my braid line and it is great. The line doesn't fade or wear as fast and makes my casting distance about 15% better. I also use the line and lure on my Costa sunglasses. What a difference. They don't fog and saltwater goes right off and doesnt leave a spot. Great product thanks.




I began using Line and Lure after a good friend of mine who is a professional guide on Lake Fork told me about the product. At first I did not believe that all the memory could disappear over night, boy was I wrong. I also noticed I was casting farther and more accurate. I have been a loyal customer ever since. Thanks Line and Lure! Kevin


Rockwall, TX


I am an avid weekend tournament angler, and a member of the Bass Pro Shops pro staff in Memphis. I have been using various flourocarbon lines for over 4 years now, but had never been truly happy with their casting performance and useful life--Until I bought and starting using the KVD Line and Lure Conditioner. I promise you--there is NOTHING else on the market that makes flourcarbon as limp and fishable as this product. I have recommended it to a large number of customers in Bass Pro Shops, and have had several come back to me and tell me how pleased they are with the product. NOT ONE has come back and said that it did not work. You can spend a lot of money on upgraded bearings, oils and other "reel tweaks", but if you are not using Line and Lure Conditioner on your line, every time you go fishing, you will not see the full potential of what your tackle can do. This product lives in my boat. Mike Whitten/Germantown, TN


Germantown, TN


Line and Lure Conditioner is the best product of it's kind on the market. I used others and there is no comparison. It works instantly, but I put it on the night before I go fishing and the next morning the line lays down memory free all day. It will increase your casting distance and accuracy. Keep up the good work. Geoff R. Charleston, WV


South Charleston, WV

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