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Line & Lure Testimonials


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Kevin gave me a bottle of Line & Lure a few months ago while fishing a tournament. Let me tell you, I've been using it ever since.

I use fluorocarbon line regularly in competition and although I love it's strength, it holds quite a bit of memory and is hard to manage. Line & Lure really reduces the amount of memory in the line and makes it much easier to control. It makes it where I can cast farther and more accurately, using less effort.

I was using Line & Lure when I won the Elite 50 earlier this year and also used it when I competed in the Bassmaster Classic in July.

Thank you KVD,
Davy Hite 1999 Bassmaster Classic Winner


Prosperity, SC


I think Line & Lure is a great product. I was using Reel Magic but didn't like it for several reasons one being because it is flammable and oily.
I have been telling all of my local tackle retailers about this great product.


Clovis, CA


I first saw this on the BassFan website and was a bit skeptical, just like everyone else. I was heading to Dallas the week of the E50 event at Lewisville, so I waited until then to pick up a few bottles (that KVD bass was a monster). First time out I sprayed it on my Buzzbait reel. You get into a Buzzbait cadence when fishing these baits. A quick snap roll cast, retrieve, repeat. When doing this sometimes I get a bit quick and cast too hard, this causes small loops to appear on my reel. You have to pull these out or you will have problems. First thing I noticed when applying the product was that these loops no longer existed. The line conditioner really smoothed out the casts, not to mention lengthed them a bit. So I kept using it. I drop shot quite a bit and every now and then get those ugly spinning reel loops. Using Fluorocarbon line to drop shot, these loops can get pretty expensive. Since using this product I can honestly say I no longer have this issue. This stuff is everything they say it is and more. If you use Fluorocarbon line (and if you don't, you should be) you have to get this product. Fluorocarbon tends to be a little stiff and a little brittle. It is very abrasion resistent, but loops on the baitcasting side can cause it to break at strange spots and even on casts. This product takes out some of the stiffness and a lot of the brittle properties the line has. Keep up the good work!


Omaha, NE


I got Line and Lure Conditioner as a gift from my daughter. I thought it was just another gimmick at first until I tried it. Man, THIS STUFF Works and works very well. It loosened my line on my reels and took tangles and curls out of my line which helps me cast farther and closer to spots that are hard to reach. I'm sold on it and anyone who uses it will be also.


Edmond, OK


For the last several years I have used Reel Magic to reduce the friction between the line and guides. On one occasion on the lake, I got out my bottle to reapply and my partner handed me a bottle of Line & Lure and told me to try it instead. On my first cast, I easily got 10-15 more yards on my cast. It was amazing!! I also noticed that it made the line so slick that it slipped over and through brush considerably better. I will never fish without it on my line again!!


Saginaw, MI


I ordered a couple of bottles of the Kevin Vandam's Line & Lure Conditioner. Am I glad I did! For years, I used another brand of line conditioner. After switching to Vandam's, the dirt and dust collection on my reels are gone! My casting distance and control are greatly improved. I do a lot of casting under trees, docks and bushes. I have virtually no backlashes or line twists. Even those annoying loops on my spinning reels are gone! I sprayed some on my fish finder screen and I even sprayed some on my eyeglasses - no smudges, but most of all, no glare! I tell all my friends and people I meet around the lakes that if they fish once a month, once a week or everyday and haven't tried Kevin Vandam's Line & Lure Conditioner, they don't know what they are missing out on. It's a great product that really works and that's no BS!


West Frankfort, IL


I am president of the Basspack Club at NC State. Last week on Kerr Lake (NC) aka Buggs Island (VA) at one of our tournaments, I witnessed how incredibly Line & Lure really works. A guy from the North Region had almost given up fishing for the day since his bait casting reel was acting up and casting into the wind was brutal. He was having trouble keeping the tension set right. Trying to cast farther because of the wind, he had backed off on the tension but this caused backlash after backlash. As a group of us were trying to help the guy, one of the organizers of the event came over and said, "Now see boys, this is what you need to put on your line." Another guy mentioned that he uses Reel Magic for such problems and the reply was, "Then you ain't seen nothing." He sprayed a couple shots on the reel and let it sit for a minute. With the tensioner set back to normal and a small flick of his wrist, he flipped that bait right out there with absolutely NO backlash. We were all amazed. I'll be telling all my fishing buddies about Line & Lure.
Thanks guys.


Raleigh, NC


Gentlemen: I received my 2-pak and your shipping/delivery was outstanding.

I treated my long rods and reels (right now I'm fishing the St. Joe river piers that extend out into Lake Michigan. Weather permitting, this can be very productive for brown trout, steelhead and occasionally whitefish.) The performance improvement - casting distance and line softness - on the Berkley 8# Trilene XL I use was amazing. (The water temperature in Lake Michigan is in the low 40's and the air temp on the piers is in the 50's.)While I've used Blakemore's "Reel Magic" for years, your product is much better. I'll be using "Line and Lure" soon on my panfish and bass reels.

I've recommended "L&L" to my fishing friends. I have also recommended it to B J's Sports. I have suggested that this product, properly displayed, is a good "impulse" buy, but once people start using it, the "impulse" is gone and they will be repeat customers.

Just an aside, Coloma, MI is about 25 miles from D & R Sports in Kalamazoo where Kevin's career got its start.

Again, an excellent product.



Coloma, MI


A friend wanted me to try Line & Lure when we were after some smallmouths in some super clear water. He told me to use it so I could have maximum casting distance because of the clear water. I was a bit skeptical a first, but boy was I wrong. On the first cast I could instantly tell what a huge diffrence it made in my distance. Now I need to get some more, and any one who hasn't used it should really give it a try. It really works!


Algoma, WI


I was fishing at our 2005 club tournament on Febuary 27th on Lake Powell, Utah.
I was respooling with 12lb spiderwire for my pig and jig rod. My friend had a bottle of Line & Lure on his deck and suggested I try it out and let him know what I thought of it. Wow, after applying it I could pitch jigs so much better. I didn't backlash 1 time. I would just lift my rod and the jig went out so smooth. This stuff is amazing. I will be using Line & Lure on every reel I own.
Thanks Kevin.


Grand Junction, CO

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