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Line & Lure Testimonials


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We purchased two bottles at the Pittsburgh Bassmasters Classic to get the signed KVD picture. Trying the product at the next tournament was fantastic. KVD Line and Lure Conditioner allowed a longer cast with smoother take off of the reel. All of my partners for the rest of the year have now purchased the product after trying it on one of their reels. KVD sprayed the line conditioner on the youth's reels at the Bassmasters Youth National Championship in Leesburg this year and they loved it. Issaac was amazed at how much easier and farther he could cast. Thanks for making a product that works.
Eric Stong
Kansas BASS Chapter Federation President


Overland Park, KS


I fish 18 offshore kingfish tournaments a year and countless days on the water fishing. Started using line and lure a year ago and what a difference. I used to change line every tournament because of the salt build up on the line and the line damage it caused. Not now, I made it a whole season with out changing line. No salt build up and very little wear to the line. I spray it on and let it dry then at the end of the day spray down the rods and reels with fresh water and that's it. My line still looks and acts brand new. For the saltwater angler serious about keeping their gear in top shape and saving money, this is the stuff to have.

Thanks line and lure.

Capt. Bill Platt
Ska Div. 8 champion


Dickinson, TX


I first purchased Line and Lure this last spring. I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to pro endorsed products. But I bought some to try and quickly found that it did add distance to my casts and reduced backlashes. But the real acid test came when I had a reel breakdown and I dug out the spare I carried in my boat. This reel had been in the storage compartment for 3 or 4 months with 20 lb Big Game spooled on it. I sprayed it down with Line and Lure and let it set overnight. The next morning on my first cast I noticed that there was no coiling in the line. For those that have fished Big Game, you know that this is unheard of, well I have been using the product ever since and will continue. This is one product that lives up to the billing.

Pat Leach
American Bass Anglers Director District 54.


The Colony, TX


I bought a bottle from Bass Pro Shops last summer and love it. Just bought a case to give as christmas gifts for my good friends. Thanks Kevin for a great product.


Houston, TX


Thank you for making Line and Lure Conditioner. Wow is that stuff great! The anti-corrosive protection sure helps the metal hardware on my boat. And my pliers and hooks, no rust! My casting is smoother with better distance and less backlashs. It was really put to the test last week saltwater fishing.(Man we were on the reds) Well, coming home is always a mess cleaning the salt from my rods and reels. Lucky for me I sprayed EVERYTHING with the Line & Lure before we left. Wow was clean up easy! No white salt residue on anything. I just rinsed our stuff with fresh water and it all was like new! You got it right with Line & Lure, what a great product! I everyone I fish with about Line and Lure Conditioner, when they try it their blowen away. Again thanks for a fantastic product. WBT Pro Angler


Chandler, TX


I bought two bottles and love the product!


Granite City, IL


My name is Dianna Rogers I fish the Ladies Pro Bass Circuit. Back in October I was given some Line and Lure Conditioner to try by a company rep. At that time I was leary about putting any kind of chemicals or conditioners on my fishing line, but I told him I would work with his product and get back with him. Well the proof is in the bottle! I am very impressed with Line and Lure Conditioner, along with your BTS Marine Protectant products. With your BTS Protectant, my boat has never looked better. BTS Protectant is easier and faster to use than any other product I have worked with. I fish over 300 days out of the year, that is a lot of time on the water, you can bet that from here on out Line & Lure will be a part of my fishing tackle and BTS will be protecting my boat.
Thanks for meeting ours fishing needs!!!

WBT Pro Angler


Bumpus Mills, TN


I live in Southern Missouri and fish in rough tournaments. Changing line before practice and before a tournament even with a line sponsor can become very expensive. I like my line to be fresh every time I cast it in the water. I was introduced to Line & Lure at a WBT tournament that I competed in last fall and have used it ever since. With KVDís Line & Lure applied to my line I can cast further and pitch better. Line & Lure keeps my line feeling and acting like I just put new line on the spool. Line & Lure literally takes any memory right out of my line! And ďNOĒ backlashes anymore!!! I get the most out of every spool of line. Before I found Line & Lure I used Reel Magic but it doesnít even compare to Line & Lure's performance! I would strongly recommend Line & Lure to anyone serious about fishing.


Galena, MO


I must admit I am a skeptic when it comes to new products. Most of the time they donít work or do what they advertise. For years, I have read or seen advertisements for line conditioners that claim to increase casting distance, eliminate line memory and backlashes. One product said it excelled at all of the above. So I decided to try Kevin VanDamís Line and Lure Conditioner.

The result, I was able to cast farther (testing was done both in the yard and on the lake) after applying Kevin VanDamís Line and Lure Conditioner. I tried it on fluorocarbon line and again I was able to cast farther. I was very impressed with how it improved all fishing line. It decreases line memory, tangles and backlashes which are common negative traits in fluorocarbon lines. Checking for any scents or oily film on my hands or in the water and there was none to be found.


Springdale, AR


I live in S. Florida and fish over 40 tournaments a year, so changing line before practice and before a tournament can be very expensive. My line needs to be fresh every time I hit the water. With Line & Lure applied to my line I can cast further, pitch better and it feels and acts brand new like it's right out of the package. Line & Lure literally takes the memory right out of my line! I can get the most out of every spool of line I buy by not having to change line every other day. Before Line & Lure I used Reel Magic and it does not even compare! I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the two bottle special here on the website and put that money you are going to save to good use. Pick up a bag of Gambler's new Ugly Otters and Little Otters and start catching more fish without having to fuss with "old" line. -Byron Childers, Gambler Lures National Account Manager


Pompano Beach, FL

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